Vince McMahon’s biography to be released in 2022


WWE President Vince McMahon’s biography to be released in 2022

Wrestling Planet | Vince McMahon’s biography to be released in 2022

The author of the biography of Stan Lee (True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee), Abraham Riesman announced that he is writing the biography of WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon. McMahon’s biography will be called Ringmaster.

Abraham Riesman wrote through his Instagram account:

“I come with good news: I am writing another book! This is a biography of Vince McMahon, the emperor of professional wrestling. It is for @ simonandschuster publisher @atriabooks. The release date remains to be determined, but I suppose it will be in 2022.

Thank you so much to my amazing agent, @ rossharris1, and to my awesome editor, @amardeol. Wish me luck!”

In the photo of Abraham Riesman, a preview of the next ongoing biography was given:

«Ringmaster, a biography of Vince McMahon, who went from a dyslexic child growing up in a trailer park to the iconoclastic president and CEO of the multi-million dollar WWE empire, with new reports and exclusive interviews from those who witnessed, helped and suffered his rise ».

As noted above, a biographical film (Pandemonium) about Vince McMahon was being prepared in January 2019 with Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper who was rumored to be playing Vince McMahon.

There has been no update on the production of the film since then, but the last word was that a draft was sent to Vince and other WWE executives for comment.


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