Vince Gilligan spoke about the “Better Call Saul” scene between Kim Wexler and Jesse Pinkman


Fans were waiting for the worlds of “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad” to collide. Now series creator Vince Gilligan has shed light on the recent scene between Kim Wexler (Ria Seahorn) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

In the penultimate episode “Better Call Saul”, Kim Wexler and Jesse Pinkman met in flashbacks that occurred after the prequel “Better Call Saul”, but before the beginning of “Breaking Bad”. Gilligan admitted that the conversation between them may not have been really necessary, but it was fun to put the two together in one scene, especially knowing how integral they are to every show, and knowing what their fate will be at the end.

“I just really love them both. It’s so simple,” Gilligan said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “We’re trying to tell these stories as organically as possible, and we’re doing it. But a scene like this, I hate to admit it, it’s just nice to write, nice to direct. , in terms of organic storytelling, it is not “necessary”. But it was just fun. And yes, I love these two.” Gilligan later added that they did it primarily because, like the fans, they wanted nothing more than for the characters exclusive to each show to meet. “I think we all wanted—I can’t remember who came up with the idea — that we wanted to see these two worlds collide. We couldn’t help ourselves.”

It may have only lasted a couple of minutes, but Kim’s brief conversation with Jesse seemed like an unofficial passing of the torch on the timeline. Both Jesse and Kim suffer the most because of their connection and loyalty to the main character of the story. When all is said and done, both may have gotten out from under their partners, but they have both caused and suffered irreparable damage that they will never overcome, no matter how hard they try. Even if they have nothing to do with each other, Kim Wexler and Jesse Pinkman are soulmates in the Breaking Bad universe.

The difference between them is that Kim knew perfectly well who Jimmy was and what he was capable of. Jesse, on the other hand, didn’t really know who Walter White was until he realized the full extent of his ruthlessness. Walt’s terrible actions eventually showed that Jesse had limits in how much he wanted to succeed in a criminal enterprise, which did not happen with Kim. Jimmy’s terrible actions inspired Kim to see what she is really capable of being a fraud. By the time she drew the line, the damage had already been done.

Surprisingly, both Paul and Seahorn did not enter any show as integral characters. They achieved what they achieved because their performances were so exciting that they inspired Gilligan and the company. to learn more about them. This gave viewers some of the most fascinating criminal character arcs. Since Jesse was clearly a good person in a relatively deteriorating situation, the audience supported him to get out. Since Kim Wexler was a good person accepting more of her demons, the audience supported her to stop. Respect to the screenwriters for knowing how to write such a tragic story for two different people in their own way, and respect to Paul and Sihorn for being able to play such iconic characters.

The finale of the series “Better Call Saul” will air on August 15, 2022 on the AMC channel.


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