Vina Panduwinata Complaints That Her Job Is Down


Vina Panduwinata Shares Stories About Her Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic Hitting Indonesia. Vina Panduwanita apparently admitted that many of her jobs were affected by the pandemic.

Vina Panduwinata admitted that she also felt the loss of her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Vina complained that all of her stage events were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This became her complaint after a long period of quarantine at home.

Even so, Vina Panduwinata did not necessarily blame the situation. He was also aware of the trials that everyone in this world is facing.

“This pandemic for performance activities has really dropped a lot.” We have to realize that whatever God loves, even though we feel heavy or distressed, maybe from us materially down, “said Vina when met at the Trans TV Building, Jalan Kapten P Tendean. , South Jakarta, reported by on Friday (25/12).

Even so, Vina Panduwinata feels lucky to be able to undergo quarantine at home with her family. Spending time with family is an important moment for him. He feels that he is not the only person who is at the point of an economic crisis. Even so, Vina did not make a problem because she believed that luck had been arranged by God.

“But in terms of family quality, there are more than usual, we just take the good ones. If it’s difficult we are all the same, and even if we are given sustenance even though we are small we are just grateful that there are still our brothers who need it more,” he said again.

Family togetherness is the thing he is most grateful for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vina Panduwinata also includes her contribution on social media. He seems tempted to apply social media.

Vina Pandiwinata also explained that she wanted to be like young people who often capture moments on social media. He even feels that he understands the younger generation who are easily influenced by social media.

“Togetherness is higher with family, Mama Ina never wanted an IG, even if there was management selling through IG, why is that? Because now you also want to be like you young people, what kind of influence does social media have on the young soul,” he explained.

“Now, Mama Ina understands more about children who can be influenced by social media, because our social media is not mentally strong in that danger, you can be carried there and forget about the real world,” concluded Vina.


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