Vin Diesel recorded all his dialogues for the Marvel short films “I am Groot” in a ridiculous amount of time


The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is going to expand, as the premiere of the new show “I am Groot” will take place this week. The animated series of short films is designed to please the owners of the Disney+ subscription with funny and cute adventures, in which the main role is played by a living tree of the Marvel cinematic universe. Vin Diesel will also return in the production to voice the character beloved by fans again. At the moment, Diesel has done several recording sessions for Groot, as he has appeared as a character in several films over the years. But what he did for this project was probably the shortest, as he recorded all his dialogues in a ridiculous amount of time.

On the eve of the release of “I am Groot”, I had the pleasure of talking with Kirsten Lepore, the show’s director, screenwriter and EP. Lepore, an experienced animator who has worked a lot on short films, spoke in detail about her work on the photorealistic series. Of course, during the conversation I had to ask her about what it was like to shoot the actor Groot. Lepore had nothing but praise for the MCU veteran, and she also confirmed how quickly he finished his work on the project:

We had an hour. We honestly recorded it all in an hour. So it was just one entry. I mean, I honestly didn’t even have to give [Vin Diesel] a lot of guidance. As a matter of fact, he just came in and he just nailed it. Like, he saw [the shorts] for the first time, saw them in a very rough form. So he watched alone, and then just walked up to the microphone and said: “Let’s just do it.” And he was just scrolling through it all. And usually it’s just, yes, the first time. We’d go back and get a couple of things, but he’s really good at what he does and he knows this character well. …It was a great record. We were just laughing. We were having a great time. It was amazing.

So yes, the creatives wasted no time removing the voiceover. Voicing is incredibly tedious and may require talent to stay in the booth for hours. (And if the star plays the main role in a TV show or movie, this session is usually only part of the production.) It should be noted that in this case the actor pronounces variations of the same three words, so things are not too involved. Nevertheless, respect to him for doing everything so quickly.

Vin Diesel wrote about Groot’s record back in February, and although we can’t say it with absolute certainty, it’s quite possible that it could be her. Kristen Lepore did say they had a good time, and a video posted by Diesel showed that he enjoyed the session he was writing about. The Fast and the Furious alum definitely has a soft spot for his cute alien, and he’s already ready for what lies ahead in his next big-screen appearance.

More than two years ago, Vin Diesel teased “Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 and said there would be a new version of his character in the upcoming movie. He suggested that, as an infant and a teenager, the tree would become an “Alpha Groot”. Screenwriter and director James Gunn reacted to these statements, admitting that he “has no idea” what his colleague is talking about. Gunn then stated that Diesel had not yet read the script, but the director confirmed that the tree would be a “different creature” in his trilogy.

This movie won’t be in theaters until next year, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch the adventures of Baby Groot in his new series of the same name. It may not have taken Vin Diesel long to complete his work, but, as follows from the trailer and clips, the actor put a lot of effort into showing the tiny hero a few interesting places. And, of course, fans will appreciate his efforts and those of Kristen Lepore and company. when they finally get to admire the show.

“I am Groot” will appear on Disney+ (opens in a new tab) on Wednesday, August 10, as part of the TV program for 2022. They should be a good example for the holiday special edition of Guardians of the Galaxy (which will debut later this year) and Guardians of the Galaxy. 3., which will open in theaters on May 5, 2023 as part of the fifth phase of the MCU.


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