Vin Diesel published a post about the cute baby Grunt, and then casually mentioned another possible Marvel project


Vin Diesel published a post about cute baby Grant, and then casually mentioned another possible Marvel project.

As the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand, the franchise has created some unexpected movie stars. Chief among them may be Groot, a member of Guardians of the Galaxy who has only ever spoken three words, but has remained a popular character throughout his various iterations. Vin Diesel is now teasing what might happen to Groot after Guardians of the Galaxy. 3. Could Groot really have made his own movie?

Groot recently became a star on Disney+ thanks to a series of animated short films with computer graphics called “I am Groot”. These are funny little movies that are suitable for all ages, not just for those who binge watch Marvel movies in order on weekends. They have apparently become a hit for Vin Diesel’s young niece, as the actor mentions it on Instagram, paying tribute to Kristin Lepore, who wrote the script and directed them. However, he also hints at what could be in Groot’s future, as he says Marvel Studios is interested in making a movie about Planet X.

We know that “Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 will mark the end of this version of the intergalactic team. However, this does not mean that the characters of the franchise will not remain part of the MCU in other ways. If we take Vin Diesel at his word, it looks like at least there have been conversations with Groot’s voice about where he can go. This Planet X movie doesn’t seem ready to be added to the list of upcoming Marvel movies yet, but it’s quite possible.

Planet X is Groot’s homeworld in the comics, so a movie about Planet X could be a movie about Groot’s origins, or it could show a character returning home after what happens to him in Guardians of the Galaxy. 3. There has been talk in the past that Rocket and Groot will get their own MCU story, and maybe this Planet X movie could be like this, where two friends go to Groot’s house and find a world in need of their help.

It’s possible that Vin Diesel is just having fun with this idea. Maybe he suggested it to the guys from Marvel, and the studio did not completely abandon this idea. Vin Diesel included the Alpha Groot hashtag in the post, which is a reference to the Groot that Diesel has done before, and no one else, not even James Gunn, admitted that he understands, so Planet X and Alpha Groot may be more about how Diesel has fun than about anything real. .

Seeing Groot’s star in a movie alone seems unfortunate, at the same time we’ve seen Marvel Studios make unsuccessful attempts in the past that have paid off, so who knows? It seems likely that Groot will have a future after “Guardians” in the MCU, he is quite popular, so the question is just where will he go next? Planet X is definitely an option.


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