Vile Comments About Meghan Markle and Jeremy Clarkson in Grave Media Trouble


December brought with it two historical moments. Firstly, Lionel Messi’s grand victory at the unforgettable World Cup, and secondly, the long-awaited Netflix documentary series about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And when Meghan Markle described the hardships she went through as a woman of color, and later a woman of color and a member of the British royal family, columnist Jeremy Clarkson added fuel to the fire, perhaps as many say. having lost his mind.

For those who live under a rock, Clarkson wrote a “vile” and “grotesque” column for the tabloid The Sun, describing his hatred of the former American actress, and later breaking all ISPA records. And while the imperial royal remains silent in view of everything that is happening, the female media personalities decided to make fun of the “offender”, as well as another representative of his breed, the tabloid tycoon Piers Morgan.

Media personalities give Jeremy Clarkson a hard slap in the Face for His vile comments about Meghan Markle

Although the hatred of Meghan Markle “on a cellular level” has been replaced by a lily apology from the columnist after widespread condemnation; the specter of bold accusations and curses will not leave him anytime soon. After the tweets, Clarkson is now being criticized by the media. They believe he has just confirmed Meghan’s accusations of harassment against the media and the royal family. The panelists also claim that it was this kind of persecution that led the Duchess of Sussex to suicidal thoughts.

“You definitely confirm her correctness (referring to Clarkson). And it’s steeped in misogyny and racism.” Then they call out the editors who allowed this to come out, and even drew the infamous parallel with Queen Camellia, saying that Meghan Markle was not the one “who enslaved their ancestors.”

Another, who was sitting at the table, asked the accused what hurt him so much that he had to talk like that about a man he had never met. It is noteworthy that they end their discussion by asking if the royal family will ever be responsible for this.

Feel free to share your thoughts on everything that’s going on with Jeremy Clarkson in the comments below.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with the documentary series only on Netflix.


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