Vikings: Yidu and Ragnar’s relationship disappointed fans!

On social media, Vikings fans explained that they were very disappointed with the plot around Yidu and Ragnar in the series!

While the Vikings series ended several months ago, fans are still debating the characters. On the web, some have said they were disappointed with Yidu and Ragnar’s relationship on the show.

On Reddit, some Vikings fans have ranted about Ragnar and Yidu. As a reminder, the latter appeared in season 4. She was part of a group of slaves.

And the least that can be said is that Yidu aroused curiosity. It must be said that with her Asian features, she amazed medieval Scandinavians. Ragnar’s second wife (Vikings), Aslaug, has decided to buy it.

Yidu then became her husband’s servant. However, the latter also introduced opioids into Ragnar’s life. The man quickly became independent from it, which drove him into a state of rage.

On Reddit one fan said, “I thought it was weird how the show got him into this insane opioid addiction. Do they take the time to develop Yidu’s character, just for him to kill her? And then that’s all ? “.

Yidu began giving opioids to Ragnar (Vikings) after his kidney problems. But one day, the young woman refused to give him more drugs. The man then went into a frenzy of anger. He then killed Yidu.

Vikings: fans disappointed with Yidu and Ragnar’s relationship in the series!


In Season 4, Ragnar (Vikings) had his sons: Hvitserk and Ubbe witness Yidu’s drowning. Once the latter died, Ragnar quickly resumed his normal course of life and his rage vanished in a flash.

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Several Vikings fans then pointed out this inconsistency. Some thought that this event would be dealt with a little later in the series. On the other hand, they were wrong, Yidu’s death brought nothing to the rest of season 4.

On the Web, some did not hesitate to criticize this big lack of logic in Vikings. One fan swung on Youtube, “Probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen in season 4. Why? “.

He continued, “Why did you kill a character who might have been of major importance in the future? What good is even putting her on the show if she were to get killed so quickly ?! “.

One thing is certain, Yidu’s death did not convince the fans at all. The latter still seem totally disappointed with the relationship she had with Ragnar on the show. Since that episode, fans have never heard from Yidu again!



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