Vikings: why Lagertha and Ragnar divorced so quickly?


Why did the couple of Lagertha and Ragnar in the Vikings series not last long? We will explain everything to you !

Why did the mythical couple from the Vikings series split up so quickly?

Lagertha and Ragnar formed the mythical couple of the historical Vikings series. We indeed discover their marriage from the first episodes of the series.

The two spouses had two children together, Gyda and Bjorn. Their relationship was stable and the two warriors formed, with their children, a most normal family!

But their relationship won’t last long. The couple eventually split up and their divorce touched fans of the series a lot.

In fact, their relationship ends at the end of the first season of the Vikings series. The famous warrior has indeed meet a new woman, Aslaug. He then cheats on Lagertha with the latter and the young woman becomes pregnant.


The hero of Vikings therefore decided to marry Aslaug and make her his second wife. Something Largertha can’t stand. The young warrior decides to leave Kattegat with Bjorn.

His departure therefore marked the end of their marriage. But fans find their relationship ended too quickly.

But Michael Hirst, director of Vikings explains that it was inevitable. He explains that the series follows the adventures of a young farmer who sets out to discover new lands.

But his ambitions will inevitably have a price. Eh yes ! And this time, it’s his family that will be sacrificed. So her almost perfect affair with Lagertha couldn’t last any longer.

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But be aware that the two exs never stopped worrying about each other despite everything. Indeed they continued to stick together even after their marriage. In fact, the two ex-spouses will eventually be reunited in Valhalla after their death.


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