Vikings: Why Freydis’ death was dangerous for an actor in real life


The Vikings series on the History channel was a saga full of drama, including in the fifth season, where the death scene of Freydis turned out to be too dangerous in real life for the Swedish actress Alicia Agneson. The once enslaved man who eventually became a wife Ivar the Boneless, played by Alex Hoag Andersen, Freydis was a master manipulator and a confident woman. Her determination to have a son and her lack of fear of her husband made Freydis a force in the Scandinavian world.

Freydis’ role in The Vikings series was exceptional for Alicia Agneson, as it was her first credited role on television. Freydis’ death in season 5 marked the season finale, in which the leadership changed from Ivar to Bjorn, especially because Freydis deceived her husband in revenge for the murder of her young son. Agneson returned in season 6 of Vikings to play another role of Princess Katya, based on her exceptional commitment to her work as Freydis.

In the 20th episode of the 5th season of “Vikings” “Ragnarok” Freydis confirms for himself that Ivar is responsible for Baldur’s death. Ivar then strangles Freydis after she confesses to her husband that she betrayed him to Bjorn and Hvitserk. While filming a scene in real life, Agneson asked Andersen to strangle her to make the scene look as authentic as possible. This action was performed against the advice of a staff doctor, but Agneson wanted her death scene in the season finale to look realistic.

How the Vikings Saved Alicia Agneson during the Freydis Strangulation Scene

Alicia Agneson’s request to be strangled on the screen for real shows what some actors are willing to do to get a shot. Looking back on such a scene, the work seems even more dangerous and terrifying, especially for Alex Hoag Andersen, who definitely did not want to harm his partner, even though she asked to strangle him. During the filming of the death of the main character of “Vikings”, a paramedic was on the set in case the scene got out of control. Looking back, it only adds to the tension of the scene, knowing that the medic is watching what is happening behind the scenes in case something goes wrong.

Things didn’t go wrong for Agneson during the filming of her death scene in Vikings, and the level of dedication of the actor to this role was incredible. During filming, episodes are often not shot in one take, which increases the pressure on Agneson and Andersen to make the scene perfect. Alicia Agneson’s commitment to the Freydis death scene in season 5 of Vikings was terrifying and dangerous, but the realism she brought to the image proved justified.