Vikings: Why did Katheryn Winnick accept her role?


Actress Katheryn Winnick accepted the role of Lagertha in the Vikings series for one and only reason! We tell you everything.

Katheryn Winnick agreed to play the role of Lagertha in Vikings for one reason only!

The young actress is well known to fans of the Vikings series. And for good reason, Katheryn Winnick lent her features to the character of Lagertha in the historical show.

From the first episodes, fans discover this warrior with a strong character. Wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, mother of a family and extraordinary fighter, the pretty blonde fascinates.

She has made an impression throughout the series. Indeed, Lagertha is one of the rare characters to have been present from the beginning of the series.

She will have played a very important role throughout the series. True right hand of her husband Ragnar, she will do everything to protect the people of Kattegat against the various enemies.

A warrior at heart, the young woman will become Jarl before reaching the position of queen. In battle, Lagertha is a formidable enemy!

Besides, she does not hesitate to take up arms to defend her own. But at the end of the first part of season 6 of Vikings, fans must say goodbye to this incredible woman.

While surviving many fights, the young woman is killed by delirious Hvitserk. He was indeed thinking of getting rid of Ivar!


We can therefore say that the actress Katheryn Winnick made an impression on fans of the historic series. Indeed, we will always remember his character in Vikings.

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In fact, the death of his character saddened the fans a lot. But the young actress said she believed her character was going to disappear in season 4.

Indeed, with the death of Ragnar, Michael Hirst focused on his sons. Katheryn Winnick therefore thought that her character would disappear in turn.

Luckily for fans, the show’s creator has a better future for her. But what fans don’t know is why the young actress took on the role in the first place.

Katheryn Winnick also returned to the reasons that led her to accept this role in Vikings. And in reality there is only one.

The young woman accepted the role of Lagertha for the simple reason that actor Gabril Byrne had joined the cast of the series. The latter is the interpreter of Earl Haraldson.

You should know that the actor is a real source of inspiration for Katheryn Winnick. “I’m a huge fan of Gabriel Byrne, when I found out he was going to be on this series, I immediately spoke to my agents about the possibility of playing the part of Lagertha. »Confides the pretty blonde.

“C” is an incredible actor! Seeing him on set and the way he saw his character really increased my desire to be on the show. And not just me, but all of us who saw him in the studio. She adds. Fans of the series can therefore thank Gabriel Byrne, thanks to him they were able to discover the actress in her incredible role as a warrior.


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