Vikings: why did Heahmund have to die on the show?


In the final season of the Vikings series, the character of Heahmund comes to a tragic end … So why did he have to die?

The Vikings series ended after six seasons. The event series captivated fans. And if there is one character that viewers remember, it’s Heahmund.

Played by actor Jonathan Rhys Meyes, the character of Heahmund met a tragic end. And fans of the character were sad.

The latter had a tragic end in the series. And some fans still wonder why the latter perished. He was promised a bright future.

Remember, it was in Season 4 of Vikings that viewers got to know him. He appeared in the guise of a bishop. Came straight from Wessex.

However, Heahmund was therefore no ordinary bishop. Not very pious, the latter has had many adventures with women. His image was tarnished.

The Saxons were forced to retreat. They had come to see him with Ubbe and Hvitserl to ask him for peace. After having had an affair with Largertha, the latter was therefore called to fight.

In season 6 of Vikings, Heahmund was therefore captured by Ivar after his love affair with Lagertha was revealed by Cuthred. Heahmund therefore had to fight against Cuthred.


After a very violent fight, Heahmund managed to kill Cuthred. So fans of the character in Viking witnessed Heahmund’s metamorphosis.
Michael Hirst told Variety magazine that the character of Heahmund was prepared to die. “He went to a fight, he almost almost died. And his last words before the last fight were therefore the following. ‘Tell Lagertha that I love her ‘”.
The director then explained that the bishop himself was sent to the grave at the end of the series. And so he proved that love was stronger than anything.

Jonathan Rhys Meyes told reporters that his character is more complex than it looks. “The nature of the character that I played and his intensity shows that he has all the characteristics of a character in a novel. It must shine, take effect and then go, ”he said.

“The character of Heamund was unique. He did not want to live in constant combat or in violence. He would have preferred to die as a hero. Rather than let go, “the actor told Express.

So the show’s producer said it took a while to figure out how the character of Heamund was going to die. “We didn’t know how to kill him. We knew he would have to fight. But how ? But we didn’t know how he was going to perish. We thought about it at the end of the season. “, He blurted out.

On the social network Reddit, some fans of the Vikings series showed their displeasure when they saw their favorite character die in combat. “We would have liked to see a little more. Too bad. We miss him. », Wrote a fan on the Internet.


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