Vikings: Why Alexander Ludwig protested when he was given no for an answer


Vikings, created by Michael Hirst originally for the History Channel, quickly became a cult series acclaimed by critics and audiences. Endorsed by a magnificent and talented creative team, the members of its brilliant cast achieved international star status. One of the most prominent and admired protagonists undoubtedly was and continues to be Alexander Ludwig, who gave life to Bjorn Ironside from the second season and until its culmination.

Bjorn Ironside was introduced in Vikings for the first time in his younger stage by the actor Nathan O’Toole and then in the beginning of his adult life until the end by Alexander Ludwig, as the son of the mythical warrior protagonist of the series Ragnar Lothbrok ( Travis Fimmel) and who from the fifth season received the witness of his father in fiction, to become the center of the story along with his brother the fierce Ivar the boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen).

Ludwig magnificently developed his role in the series until he became an admired leader and king to his people. Although he was already known as an interpreter, it was Vikings the work that marked a before and after in his career, when with just over 21 years he agreed to play Bjorn Ironside in his first series after more than 13 years of appearing on screen in other productions.

In the Nordic saga, viewers witnessed how after the death of his father, Bjorn became the focus of the story, becoming the King of Kattegat. His character was one of the last remaining original characters from the series with the greatest weight in the plot until its epic finale. Once the final episode was broadcast on December 30, 2020 by Amazone Prime, the disclosure of the anecdotes about the farewell of the cast and the team did not wait, one of the most interesting being those related to Ludwig, told by himself.

The interpreter of Bjorn related in an interview that, although after the death of his character, he took home several gifts given to him by the producers of the series, he also took memories of him very special about him. He explained that every time a character from Vikings died in the series, the actor who had given him life took home a shield signed by the entire cast and crew, something that he also received. In addition to this, the actor received from the hands of Michael Hirst himself the incredible gift of the mythical Sword of Kings with the name of Bjorn Ironside engraved in Nordic.

But in reality his most precious memories of his passage through Vikings were those that he decided to take on his own, despite the fact that at first he had received no for an answer. It refers to the hundreds of antlers that were part of the set for years. The young actor explained that at first he formally asked to take some to the props department staff, but one of the managers refused, a response that, like his Bjorn character, did not stop Alexander.

“I went to one of the props guys and I said, ‘Dude, I have to take this home.’ And he said, ‘No. So I just took it off the wall and it was like,’ I’ll take this home with me. ‘ , and I started walking off the set. ”

“I said, Guys, I really, really want to take this home with me. We have like, 500 of them. And they said, ‘Okay, we’re going to build you a box and send them home.’ So they sent me these. beautiful antlers with which I decorated my apartment ”.