Vikings: What we suspected about the Netflix series that managed to dethrone the drama


Swept up in the rising tide of its own popularity, Vikings has grown by leaps and bounds from its original rather restricted scope. Initially focused on minimal scenes of battle and local politics, the story has morphed into a massive, national, multi-generational epic, centering on or going back to the exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family, friends and people.

While the show has successfully upped the ante year after year when it comes to things like drama and action, this landmark production has also left a number of other interesting facts and tidbits in its wake as it has gone on to make its mark. own place in television history. Since the series first appeared on screen, it quickly caught the attention of millions of fans around the world who made it a cult series that will surely endure in the hearts and minds of viewers.

As we know, Vikings narrated the real story mixed with fiction and was focused on the Viking explorer Ragnar Lotbrok (Travis Fimmel) until the fourth season, and then told his legacy portrayed in his children until the series came to an end with the sixth installment. .

And it is that Vikings may have come to an end, but fans are still talking about the series. In a poll on Reddit, some viewers compared it to another historical drama, The Last Kingdom, which is heading into its fifth and final season on Netflix. As we know, The Last Kingdom is a series based on the literary saga The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell, and this time the fans have qualified it through a vote, as the best historical drama above Vikings.

In the poll created on Reddit, The Last Kingdom came out on top with far more votes. Despite being the most voted, the Netflix drama only received a few comments in its favor, while Vikings lost the poll by a large difference, but received much more support in the comments section.

Undoubtedly, both series are set around the same time and have delighted millions of fans by showcasing sword-wielding heroes such as Ragnar, Bjorn and Floki from Vikings, just to name a few; and The Last Kingdom’s Uhtred is also immersed in the midst of high-intensity drama and battles as he fights for his ideals.