Vikings: What we suspected about the change of one of its main characters


When Vikings was featured on the History Channel, it became clear from its first season that actress Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha alongside Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok would become the key to the explosive success that the series became. Over the years, he amassed a large fan base around the world and his popularity was later exponentialized with the appearance of other characters, to the point that a sequel, Vikings: Valhalla, was necessary. However, the path was traced by the first protagonists of the original story.

Although as a couple and separately both characters led the narrative for its first four seasons before Ragnar was killed, it was Lagertha who became the backbone of the show. Leading a cast packed with talented characters, we saw her transform from a wife and shieldmaiden like any of her time, to a fierce warrior, Countess of Hedeby, Viking Queen of Kattegat and Mother of Norway.

Ragnar’s first wife became the fan favorite character because she was characterized by being full of interesting nuances, which Katheryn Winnick knew very well how to show Vikings fans throughout her 6 seasons. Perhaps, due to the great narrative arc that it had with important dramatic turns, there was no explanation about a small physical change in her face during the first installments, which perhaps few fans understood while others came to suspect her origin.

As everyone will remember in Vikings, Lagertha was the first wife and true love of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). Surely, the most loyal fans have some details fresh in her memory during the first half of the series about the physical appearance of the character that Winnick personified in the early years. Until the third installment, Lagertha’s eyebrows were blonde. However, this was changing until she finished giving another aesthetic to the character as the program progressed.

In fact, at that time the increasingly famous actress shared with her public through her official Twitter account a photo of her referring to the physical change of the brave Nordic shieldmaiden. Ragnar Lothbrok’s wife’s eyebrows began to darken from the third series.

And it is that apparently, although there was never an official and concrete explanation by the producers of Vikings, the suspicion of the fans about the reason for the change in the face of the protagonist, was due to the fact that in the beginning they wanted to be faithful to what Viking women should look like, but with the rise in popularity of the show they made the creative decision to make some adjustments.

Originally Vikings was planned for only a few episodes, but due to receptivity, the drama was extended to complete 6 seasons. The producers of the drama may have been concerned with the appearance of their characters, especially Lagertha, whose appearance was originally conceived by the production to be as close as possible to the Scandinavian style of the time, when women generally had light hair, dark eyes. blue and almost invisible eyebrows.