Vikings: What happened to Ragnar’s wife Aslaug?


New buzz on the web! Today, we come back to the cult character of Aslaug in the Vikings series! Attention, spoiler to come!

Are you fans of the Vikings series? Does the character of Aslaug still intrigue you despite the end of the show?

In the hit series Vikings, there are several main characters including Princess Aslaug played by Alyssa Sutherland! It’s actually a princess of Götaland who meets Ragnar in season 1.

Indeed, in Season 1 of Vikings, Aslaug meets Ragnar while taking care of some business in Götaland. They end up sleeping together and she gets pregnant!

Shock! Ragnar already has a wife (Lagertha)! When Ragnar suggests he marry Aslaug as a second wife, she accepts it as if it was a good idea! But remember, Lagertha’s reaction… She doesn’t like it and files for divorce!

Unsurprisingly, Aslaug ended up getting exactly what she wanted! She thus becomes Ragnar’s wife and will then give him four sons!

But that’s not all ! Aslaug becomes Queen of Kattegat when Ragnar is proclaimed king. As the years go by, so do the feelings … The couple have many problems in their marriage.

And while Aslaug wants to rule on her own, her wish is granted again! Ragnar disappears after a failed raid attempt on Paris and leaves Aslaug to rule alone for many years before his return!


Remember the scene where Lagertha told Aslaug that she couldn’t forgive him for taking everything she had … She also added that Aslaug would never be the real Queen of Kattegat.
In season 4 of Vikings, while Ragnar is gone, Lagertha and her warriors invade Kattegat. Aslaug meets Lagertha, who accuses her of being a “witch”!

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But that’s not all ! Aslaug goes on to say that Ragnar and her son, Ivar, died based on a dream she had because she thinks she can see things. Aslaug holds the sword of kings, which she drops to the ground, saying that she “would never win” in a fight against Lagertha.

“But still, I fulfilled my destiny. The gods predicted that Ragnar would have many sons. And I gave him these sons. I’m as much a part of his saga, Lagertha, as you are. »She explains to her rival.

She goes on to say that she is giving up “everything”! All she asks is a safe passage to reach her sons! Lagertha gets out of the way saying she gets it! But as Aslaug walks away, Lagertha shoots her with an arrow, killing her in front of everyone in Kattegat… Shock!

Lagertha gives her a lavish funeral fit for a queen! But she immediately takes her place as Queen of Kattegat!

It’s a sad end to Vikings for Aslaug, but she has fulfilled her “destiny”! That’s why she smiles when she falls to the ground and dies!


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