Vikings: Was Ivar forced to die in Hvitserk’s arms?


VIKINGS fans have a new theory that could explain why Ivar is forced to die in the arms of his brother Hvitserk …

New buzz for the Vikings series! In season 6, part 2, we explain to you why Ivar had to die in the arms of his brother Hvitserk? * Warning Spoiler *

Indeed, Vikings fans have compiled a whole new theory that could explain everything! Notably, why Ivar the Boneless was killed after reconciling with his brother Hvitserk in the last episode of the series …

Shock! Ivar the Boneless (played by Alex Høgh Andersen) was unceremoniously killed by an unknown English soldier in the Great Final War!

Besides, the last ten episodes of Vikings have left a lot of questions unanswered … Yet fans say Ivar the Boneless decided to end his life at the end of the show’s climactic sixth season. Info or intox ?


Ivar had struggled with weakened bones since birth. This theory therefore suggests that an honorable death on the battlefield was preferable to a long and painful life for the proud warrior.

A fan of Vikings on Reddit thus proposed his theory: “Ivar was suffering! In fact, he was literally a broken man. I think he sort of made his own death, as he wanted. In other words, it was suicide. ”

Remember: Joined by his brother Hvitserk and King Harald, he decided to travel to England to finally face his long-standing feud with Alfred the Great. Ivar finally found peace when he was killed on the battlefield, succumbing to his wounds in Hvitserk’s arms …


On Reddit, the fan therefore explains that Ivar was instead seeking to end his painful life after his capture in Russia. Once in England, his death was the perfect opportunity to sacrifice himself so that Hvitserk could survive.

So he continues: “So Ivar decided to die at some point. He saw Hvitserk in real danger and for love went to save him… Fully aware that his health was going to fail, they felt his bones literally breaking! He therefore preferred to die. ”

But that’s not all ! Other Vikings fans also say that Ivar seemed to have lost the will to live in the previous episodes …

“I know that in a way that sounds ‘stupid’ … But the episodes before England show that Ivar wanted to die. »They wrote.

In fact, not being able to see Ivar finally reunite with his other brother Ubbe disappointed fans. Indeed, he traveled to Iceland and America with his wife Torvi.

And you what do you think ? Did Ivar sacrifice himself to save his brother Hvitserk?


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