Vikings: Vikings Valhalla cast has been announced!


The cast of the long-awaited Vikings Valhalla spin-off series is finally revealed! We give you more details. The cast of the Vikings Valhalla series is starting to take shape!

After 6 incredible seasons, the Vikings series is coming to an end. But its end marks the start of a new adventure and the birth of a spin-off series!

Indeed, fans will be able to discover the Vikings Valhalla series. And Netflix has already chosen its casting! Eh yes.

The new series should also take place at the beginning of the 11th century. Like the cult History series, it will follow the adventures of great warriors in search of a new world.

The universe therefore remains the same. Something to please the fan of the Michael Hirst series!

It is also he who will write the adventures of the new characters. After the success of his first series, he therefore returns with new plots.

Which is reassuring for the fans who were very sad to see their favorite show come to an end. But after 59 episodes of madness, now is the time for a change.

In fact, we already know a little more about this new series. Indeed, its cast has even been revealed.

Actor Sam Corlett will also be part of the adventure. After playing in The New Adventures of Sabrina he will play the role of Leif Erikson.

Frida Gustavsson also joins the great warrior family. The latter will play the role of Freydis Eriksdotter, who is none other than Leif Eriksson’s sister. Both come from a pagan family very attached to their gods.


Actor Leo Sutter also joins the cast of Vikings Valhalla. He will play the role of a certain Harald Sigurdson. Charismatic, ambitious and charming, he will be able to charm admirers of Odin as well as Christians.

Bradley Freegard will play for his part the King of Denmark. The latter is a wise, shrewd but ruthless king! It promises.

In this new series, Johannes Johanneson is Olaf Haraldson. A strong and ambitious Viking, severe and ruthless too.

Laura Berlin will play Emma from Normandy. Young and ambitious, she is one of the richest women in Europe! Eh yes.

Actor David Oakes stars as Earl Godwin, the ultimate survivor and adviser to the King of England. Caroline Henderson also joins the cast to play Jarl Haakon.

The latter is therefore a great warrior and leader of Kattegat! Pollyanna Mcintosh will play Queen Aelfgifu, Queen of Denmark. And finally, Asbjorn Krogh Nissen will play Jarl Kare.

The cast is therefore mainly composed of young actors quite unknown to the battalion. So they are the ones who will almost certainly make the success of Michael Hirst’s next series.

Most of them are already used to Netflix series. As of yet, the streaming platform has not given any release date. We think you’ll even have time to watch Vikings in its entirety! Eh yes. Case to be continued.


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