Vikings Valhalla: what do we know about the series spin-off


What do we already know about “Valhalla”, the spin-off of the Vikings phenomenon series? Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more, right away!

Vikings Valhalla will soon be unveiled! But what do we already know about the Vikings series spin-off?

The success of the Vikings series, now known around the world, continues to surprise. And for good reason: never before has a series featuring barbarians aroused so much enthusiasm.

But against all expectations, the series which features a nameless barbarism is a real success! Crazy!

The series is so successful that alongside the release of its season 6, part 2; a first spin-off entitled “Valhalla” will soon see the light of day. Awesome, isn’t it?

But what do we already know about the Vikings spin-off?

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


Even though Vikings Valhalla is slated for release next year on Netflix, some news has already been circulating about it.

In particular, we know that the events developed in Valhalla will take place at the end of the Viking era. The barbarism present in the original series will once again be present, and we can also find some famous Vikings! Very cool !

On the other hand, this spin-off will focus on themes like family, loyalty and power.

On the filming side, it will be the same team as the one in charge of the parent series. Awesome !

However, on the actor side, things are changing. Indeed, Valhalla, allows to discover all new faces. However, there will still be some famous actors like Ethan Dillon, Bill Murphy or even Yvonne Mai. Very cool !

Frankly, we can’t wait to discover this new series!

More than a year to wait for the 24-episode first season!

We will have to take his pain patiently! In the meantime, all that’s left for us to do is watch all the seasons of Vikings once again! Let’s go !


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