Vikings: Valhalla: The drama pays tribute to King Harald Finehair of the Vikings


Vikings: Valhalla was the recent spin-off of the successful Vikings series from History Channel and Amazon Prime Video, which aired its last season in 2021. The new sequel that is broadcasting on the Netflix platform has surprised all viewers by the direction of history However, some fans seem to have noticed that a character from the main drama, King Harald Finehair (played by Peter Franzin), has been paid tribute to.

The new spin-off Vikings: Valhalla transported fans more than 100 years after the events of the original series and followed the lives of the characters’ descendants as they struggle to remember their roots and return to their glory years. but not before having to face the English for the indoctrination they have imposed with religion.

In the beginning, both the pagan Vikings and the Christians lived in harmony. However, things took a left turn after the Saint Brice’s Day Massacre. Where the two came together to free the town of Kategatt from the other religion trying to make them the reigning faith of England. However, in all these matches that viewers saw, some fans noticed what appears to be an homage to Harald.

Using a costume, the show revealed that the bracelet Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter) wore throughout the season was the same one worn by Harald Finehair in the original series. Viewers say it was a fitting tribute to the series’ history, as Harald Sigurdsson was the great-grandson of Harald Finehair, who managed to unite Christians and pagan Vikings.

Interestingly, these characters were also the representation of real-life historical figures, as Harald Sigurdsson lived between 1015 and 1066, becoming King of Norway and ruling the territory from 1046 until the day he died.

Vikings Valhalla is currently preparing for its second season, after the Netflix platform renewed the historical drama for another installment, as confirmed by the creator of the program Jeb Stuart, with the preparation of the next episodes that the series will bring.

“I’m finishing editing the last episode of the second season this week and I’m dying to post it.”