Vikings Valhalla: Showrunner Talks The Show’s Great Pagan And Christian War


After the shocking end of the Vikings series, fans were shocked when the Netflix platform confirmed that it would make a new show called Vikings Valhalla, something that has been giving people something to talk about because of the shocking stories it will have. In fact, the showrunner of the program, Jeb Stuart, has confirmed that there will be a great religious war between the pagans and Christians, which will put many in doubt due to its shocking scenes.

Just a few weeks before the premiere of Vikings: Valhalla, the co-creator and showrunner has explained in an interview important details that viewers of the program will be able to enjoy, especially with the explanations of the most brutal periods of European religious history with the Anglo-Saxons.

Let us remember that Vikings: Valhalla is set more than a thousand years ago, 100 years after the death of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), so there will be notable changes and many differences from the original drama that began on the History Chanel television network with the main program. Because the Vikings themselves will be involved in their most violent and decisive conflict.

For this reason, showrunner Jeb Stuart revealed in an interview for Netflix, the sensitive issue of the largest war in Viking history, which includes pagans and Christians. Something that is still a highly questioned topic by current religions, because some atrocities are revealed that not only the Vikings did, but also the Christians.

“This religious civil war is between the pagan Vikings, who still worshiped Odin and the old gods,” he explained.

“And the Christian Vikings, who had become this great wave of Christianity that was coming from Western Europe.”

The new series will start after Christianity had already started to spread to the four corners of the world and had almost managed to conquer Europe. But some of Ragnar’s most loyal allies (Travis Fimmel) stuck to their Norse beliefs, sparking the war.

So far it has been confirmed that the premiere of Vikings Valhalla will be on February 25, 2021, with King Aethelred (Bosco Hogan) on the throne, which means that many seasons of this program may not be seen, unless its popularity is enormous and the Netflix platform decides to expand it.