Vikings Valhalla: Reveal which of the new characters could be the new Ragnar


Vikings: Valhalla will premiere on the Netflix platform next week. The sequel to Vikings created by Michael Hirst and directed by Jeb Stuart, will debut on the transmitter on Friday, February 25 with a total of eight episodes out of the 24 that make up the three seasons planned so far. And while these roll in, Vikings fans want to know who the new Ragnar will be in the spin-off drama.

In the Netflix spin-off, many characters from the new Viking age will be fighting great battles to maintain their religious belief in the face of the overwhelming Christianity that is expanding through lands where it had never been before, including Kattegat, the settlement that served as the base of the warrior and explorer Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel), for planning invasions across the European continent and beyond, 100 years ago.

Vikings: Valhalla will be released in a matter of days, and the new characters that will continue the legacy of their predecessors, will try very hard to emulate them so as not to lose what Ragnar, Lagertha, Bjorn, Ivar, Floki, and many others achieved in the past. . Among the highlights of the new series are the adventurer Leif Eriskon, his half-sister the pagan Freydís Eiríksdóttir, and the warrior king Harald Sigurdsson.

Recall that in the original drama Vikings, Ragnar Lodbrok was the main character until the fourth season of the series. After his death, his children continued his legacy by expanding their culture on the horizon by dint of sweat, sword and blood, imposing themselves on the English and their Christian beliefs. In Vikings: Valhalla, a lot of time has passed since then and so a character with intelligence and heroism similar to Ragnar’s is needed.

According to Jeb Stuart, the three main characters in Vikings: Valhalla exhibit similar qualities to Ragnar from Vikings. In the new Netflix series, Leif Eriskon is an adventurer just like Travis Fimmel’s character, who had plans to travel to explore the western lands, only he couldn’t make it. Finally it was his son Ubbe who committed such a feat. For his part, Erikson represents that explorer side since, according to real history records, he arrived in America centuries before Christopher Columbus.

Likewise, Freydís Eiríksdóttir is described as a strong woman and potentially a supporter of paganism, Ragnar’s original religious belief. The similarity between both characters is that they are challenging the conventions of society. In Vikings: Valhalla, she can be seen as a warrior against the growth of Christianity. On the other hand, there is Harald Sigurdsson, a Norwegian king who, according to real history, ruled for 20 years and was the author of attacks on the English and Danish thrones and also participated in numerous battles alongside the army of Prince Yaroslav of Kiev and the Byzantine Guard in Constantinople.

So, in Vikings: Valhalla, while the new characters won’t represent an exact copy of Fimmel’s character, they will have some similar key elements. Leif, as an adventurer, will be able to achieve Ragnar’s dream, to travel to the west. Freydis must be established as an anti-Christian figure, related to the Viking leader’s early beliefs. And Harald, in turn, represents the perfect figure of a Norse warrior.