Vikings: Valhalla: Drama Reveals King Harald’s Great-Grandson in Vikings Sequel


Vikings, the historical drama created by Michael Hirst that premiered in 2013 on the History Channel, ended in December 2020 on Amazon Prime Video after six seasons on the air. The series followed Ragnar Lodbrok, and other notable Viking characters who fought great battles as they raided and expanded their territories across much of Europe.

The series was a complete success. The first four seasons of Vikings followed the legendary scout warrior Ragnar, played by Travis Fimmel. In subsequent installments, his sons continued his legacy after avenging his death. The Vikings fought great battles and came to dominate large areas of land by force of sword and bloodshed, imposing their pagan culture to the detriment of Christianity.

In Season 4 of Vikings, the hit historical drama first introduced Harald Halfdansson, also known as Harald Finehair, a bloodthirsty Norse warrior and king who approached Ragnar Lodbrok to join forces and achieve his sole purpose, to become king of all of Norway, which was his only dream no matter what the cost. The character was masterfully played by the Finnish actor Peter Fránzen.

The success of Vikings was such that Jeb Stuart along with Michael Hirst are developing for Netflix the sequel to Vikings called Vikings: Valhalla. The new series that will follow the events 100 years after the events that occurred in the original drama, is scheduled to premiere its first season on February 25 through the streaming platform. His characters will give continuity to the exploits of his ancestors while Christianity gains territory.

Vikings: Valhalla introduces Harald Sigurdsson, the great-grandson of King Harald Finehair of Vikings

The sequel Vikings: Valhalla will feature some descendants of Vikings characters. One of them is the great-grandson of Harald Finehair, who was revealed in a recently released teaser as Harald Sigurdsson, King of Norway, a brave and ambitious leader who is prepared to avenge the victims of the Brice Massacre.

The video was released on the official Vikings: Valhalla account on the Instagram social network, and it highlights the descendant of Harald Finehair, as a member of the Viking nobility that he must now conquer after his predecessors paved the way. The first season of the series will have a total of eight episodes, the first of a total of 24 that are planned and that will arrive with the second and third installments.