Vikings: Valhalla – Actress Says She Was Inspired By Lagertha For New Series


Vikings: Valhalla, a new Netflix series that is a spin-off of Vikings, debuted on the streaming platform this past Friday (25). The arrival of the series brought new characters to the Nordic universe, with a highlight for Freydis Eiriksdottir, who is played by Frida Gustavsson.

Even though it is a continuation of the History Channel series, in the new production, the old and beloved characters of the audience give way to new names, as the story takes place about a century after the events of Vikings.

In this new context, Freydis is one of the greats of the series, which tells the story of her adventures, Leif Erikson and Harald Sigurdsson. The plot takes place in the last years of the Viking Age, when the English decide to massacre the Norse people living in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by Lagertha

During an interview with GamesRadar, actress Frida Gustavsson said that she was very inspired by the character played by Katheryn Winnick in Vikings. According to the actress, she looked up to Winnick’s work a lot to be able to “carry the torch of a female lead who is a heavy-handed warrior”.

In the interview, Frida also commented a little about the history of the series. She defined that fans were able to feel that the spirit of Vikings: Valhalla is very similar to the original series.

The actress also commented a bit on the dynamic between the series’ main characters, Norse warriors Leif and Freydis.

“They are very different people. They have taken on the legacy of Erik the Red, their father, in a very different way. Where Freydis is bold and stubborn and resistant to change, Leif is more reflective. They have a yin and yang kind of way. relationship, they learn from each other”, commented Frida.