Vikings: Top 10 best character arcs seen in the series!


Vikings is very successful. The universe and the characters therefore seduced viewers. The top 10 arcs was then born.

Vikings won over many viewers. And for good reason, the universe of the series is breathtaking. Thus, some have had fun classifying the arcs of the characters.

Vikings thrilled viewers for 6 seasons. So the fans of the series were very attached to the characters.

It must be said that since 2013, history has seen many twists and turns. And yet the producers of Vikings decided to stop there.

But do not panic. The followers of the series will be able to discover a spin-off. Vikings Valhalla will therefore come to fill the imagination of viewers.

And for good reason, they will then be immersed in a setting that leaves you speechless. In addition, the casting of the series is tailor-made. It’s going to be a box office. Not surprising !

Fans especially love the universe surrounding the Vikings series. In short, Internet users continue to talk about this world. But that’s not without forgetting their favorite characters.

In fact, one element that characterizes each of them is their bow. Like a wizard with his wand, the bow is indispensable for every viking. But there are 10 that really caught the eye in the series.


Ten characters from Vikings stood out for their bow. So it seems that no one can miss it.

In 10ᵉ position, Torvi landed. Even though very few people understand why she stayed in Vikings for so long. She was very formidable with her shield.

Then, in 9th place we find Hvitserk. Ragnar’s young son finished a monk. Indeed, Alfred spared him.

In 8th position, it was Ubbe who stood out. The peaceful man, however, has an arc of character. He is the man who discovered a new land beyond the horizon in Vikings.

In 7th place is King Harald Finehair. He then appears when Paris is attacked by Ragnar and his brother Halfdan.

In 6th position, we find the famous Bjorn. His arc of character made him a legend. Like his father by the way.

The 5th position is occupied by Athelstan. His story is very astonishing and his death marked the series.

In 4th position appears Floki. The boatbuilder hasn’t really changed since the start of the series.

In 3rd position, we find Ivar. This unforgettable character has gone through very hard things. He then killed his father and his wife.

In 2nd position, the beautiful Lagertha wins. She then became known in Vikings for her relationship with Ragnar.

Finally, in 1st place is Ragnar. Without a doubt, this is the living legend. He is the character with the greatest evolution.


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