Vikings: those questions the series has not answered!


Vikings is surely one of the series that generates the most reactions. Despite the end of the series with season 6, questions remain.

It’s undeniable ! Vikings is by far one of the masterpieces of the small screen. Series that can be enjoyed with appetite, it however left us hungry with its season 6. If no other season is to be expected, we are entitled to ask questions.

Endgame for the cast of Vikings, who produced the final episodes of their adventures last year. A show that will remain etched in our memory, in short.

This, even if we remain doubtful, skeptical and taken aback by the latest events. Some of our questions will probably go unanswered.

Never mind … We have therefore decided to list these questions that we are entitled to ask ourselves, after 8 years of good and loyal service.

Not long ago, fans of the show therefore watched the last episodes of part 2 of season 6 on Canal +. It can’t be said that the showrunners have untied all the knots of the plot.

We do not know for example the fate of certain characters and not the least … We who would have wanted to see their outcome are a bit disappointed with the end of Vikings …


One of the questions that immediately comes to mind is Bjorn’s paternal ancestry. Vikings fans will leave the characters without knowing who Ragnar or Rollo is the biological father …

Still others wonder what happened to Rollo despite his rushed departure. Yes, the latter could not even witness the death of the possible mother of his child: Lagertha.

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Of course, Sigurd’s tragic fate on the show did not leave the community indifferent. However, no mention of his name in the last episodes of season 6.

Nevertheless, the appointment is made for the spin-off of Vikings, Valhalla, which looms slowly but surely. Although it is doubtful whether he will answer all of these questions …


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