Vikings: This is the intimate relationship that these two important characters have


Even recently, the new trailer for Vikings: Valhalla was released, in addition, it was revealed that its broadcast will take place on February 25, 2022. Without a doubt, this story promises a lot, since these new revelations revealed bloody battles that promise a lot of action.

Of course, what creator Michael Hirst is very clear about is that his cast has excellent acting veterans, even some of the original Vikings actresses have a fairly intimate relationship, since they are sisters, and also daughters of the same creator.

We are talking about Maude, in her role as Helga -Floki’s partner- and Georgia Hirst, who represents the warrior Torvi. In other words, almost the entire Hirst family was dedicated to the filming of Vikings. Undoubtedly, this detail went unnoticed by many of the viewers, however, at first glance, the resemblance of these two characters is extremely impressive.

Vikings is full of curiosities from start to finish, remember that this drama was originally planned to be a miniseries on the History Channel television network, but the first episodes were so well received by viewers that it was renewed for a second season, reaching its end in 2020 after six seasons thanks to the Amazon Prime Video platform, which became part of the production.

Developed alongside Michael Hirst, Vikings: Valhalla will focus on the adventures of other notable names from the Viking Age and will be set many years after the events of Ragnar and his sons.

However, while in Vikings: Valhalla, we won’t see any of the characters that survived the end of the first show, there will be some great connections to them.