Vikings: these real facts that appear in the series!


What real facts from history do we find in Michael Hirst’s series Vikings? We reveal everything to you! Did everything we saw in the Vikings series really happen?

It should be noted that Michael Hirst’s series drew a lot from history for its plot. Indeed, Vikings traces the history of great warriors who truly existed.

But we must not forget that it remains a series. Thus, some facts have been embellished. Without surprise !

But in general, the series is quite true to the story. This is what makes the Vikings series even more fascinating! No ?

In any case the fans will not say the opposite. And the series must have attracted many curious people who wanted to discover the history of these warriors of the 8th and 9th century.

After 6 explosive seasons, the series is coming to an end. Indeed, fans of the show had to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

But they are already impatient to discover the new spin-off series of the show. This one should not delay any more.

In the meantime, let’s come back to this incredible series that kept us going for 6 seasons. It is indeed time to know which facts recounted in the series were very real.

Michael Hirst wrote the series on his own! The History Channel then took care of producing it.

Moreover, we know that a lot of research work has been done. In particular to find the right costumes and the places where the series was filmed.


Thus, we have found for you the 5 real facts of history that can be found in the Vikings series. Let’s start with the character costumes first.

Indeed, these seem to have been inspired by history. In those days, warriors did indeed wear braids and ponytails.

Besides, we have to admit that the hairstyles in the series were quite impressive. Dee Corcoran, the show’s hairstylist, says they drew inspiration from historical references.

The story of Ragnar’s sons told in the series is beautiful and very true. Bjorn, for example, had become king of Sweden.

As for Ubbe and Ivor, they set out to conquer England. Finally Sigurd became king of Denmark.

In the series, the Vikings were not seen with their famous horned helmets. And for good reason: the producers of the series discovered that he was a simple legend.

Fans have also discovered that women are very powerful. These may not have been allowed to go into battle like Lagertha, but they were free.

Finally, this attitude of a thirsty warrior for power is not the figment of Michael Hirst’s imagination. Besides, they really thought it was an honor for them to die in combat. And thus reach the eternal paradise of Valhala.


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