Vikings: the big weak points of King Harald in the series!


King Harald is one of the most complex characters in the Vikings series. But what are its biggest weaknesses?

One thing is certain, King Harald will have marked the enormous success series Vikings by its complexity. But the very famous warrior of the north still has some weak points …

First broadcast in 2013, the Vikings series came to be seen as one of the most popular and beloved by audiences. It must be said that she is really great.

As you probably know, we therefore follow the adventures of a young Scandinavian warrior in search of glory at the end of the 8th century.

Very quickly, Ragnar Lodbrok thus seized power and set off to conquer new lands. Frenzied battles, complex relationships and breathtaking settings, the series brings together all the elements of the perfect cocktail.

But its success, it also owes it to the many characters all more striking and endearing the ones than the others. Among the most cited, we then find King Harald.

The latter is one of the greatest Viking rulers, but also one of the most unlucky. He always manages to lose what he fights for, even when it is within his grasp. No luck !

Discover the list of its biggest weak points.

Vikings: the big weak points of King Harald in the series!


First of all, King Harald is not credible. Yes, you did hear it. Throughout the series, he fights for the wrong people, blinded by his desire to become King of Norway.

Ragnar Lodbrok’s sons use it to achieve their ends, without ever realizing it. It will cost him his life …

Second point, he’s a traitor. All of his allies hoped they could trust him, knowing he wielded the art of lying like no one else.

In Vikings, he ends up betraying everyone he fought with. Even Bjorn went through it when he saved it from Olaf’s clutches.

King Harald is also a far too ambitious person. It’s not a flaw in itself, but you shouldn’t overestimate yourself.

He has lived his whole life hoping for things that can only hardly happen. During his last battle, he continued to hope …

Finally, and this, it must be said, Harald Finehair has no heart. In his quest for power, he killed his brother, raped Ingrid and other villagers, but also enjoyed watching innocent people burn alive.

There you go, you know all about King Harald’s worst personality traits in the Vikings series. Of course, he also has many qualities that we will notice next time!


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