Vikings: The behind-the-scenes photos of the actors where they don’t look so scary


Making a TV series is hard work for all parties involved, and while fans enjoy the final product and don’t have to think much about it, the people responsible for bringing a show to life treat it like a labor of love. They shoot for months, deal with the weather and injuries, and finally come out with a product that they hope audiences will enjoy. Fortunately, the Vikings series has been able to surpass the fans, and fans around the world have appreciated the hard work that has gone into each episode.

As much as fans love to see what happens in each episode, people are curious to know how things are when the cameras are not recording. Looking behind the curtain reveals a lot about a project, and we have a feeling these photos are going to change everything about the Vikings for all fans.

One of the best parts of working on this series has to be the fact that the cast and crew spend some time in beautiful places. Sure, they have to work hard, but most people find it easier to work hard in a beautiful place. Even the battlefield is beautiful.

Fans love watching the cast of their favorite shows have fun with each other when the cameras aren’t shooting, and this is a perfect example of what we mean. Everyone involved in this photo has a great sense of humor, and we can only imagine how hard it was not to laugh.

This is probably the last thing people expected to see, but even the toughest guys love to have ice cream once in a while. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough ice cream for everyone, but hopefully someone at craft services fixed it quickly.

Most people enjoy having a drink while on the watch, and as someone playing a Viking warrior, we have to imagine that they would rather have something else in that bottle. However, staying hydrated is important, great for them doing what’s best for their body while filming.

Now this is easily one of the funniest images we include on this list. The crew needs to make sure the cast looks exactly the same in every shot, and when the elements get involved this can be tricky. Seeing these tough guys under a little umbrella is just hilarious.