Vikings season 6: why there won’t be a season 7?


In a few days, Vikings fans will see the final season of their favorite series … They would have loved there to be a sequel!

The Vikings series was a huge success! However, after Season 6, there will be no sequel.

The fans are counting the days … In a little over a week, the final episodes of season 6 will be released!

As much to say to you that the followers of Vikings are in madness! We understand them!

However, they will very quickly be seized with great sadness … Indeed, this season 6 marks the end of the famous series … A big blow, but there is an end to everything!

In any case, you will have to be careful on social networks! Eh yes ! The last episodes will be released earlier in some countries …

We therefore suspect that the smart kids will directly comment on the end of Vikings on the net! Watch out for spoils!


The director won’t be doing Vikings season 7! Indeed, the latter racked his brains to find an ending that would satisfy him as much as his fans …

Thus, he chose season 6 to conclude these beautiful years working on this project! So he said, “I had to give these different scenarios a satisfactory conclusion – a conclusion that in no way cheated. And I felt that if I could come up with satisfying and justified endings then the audience would feel the same because I love these characters so much and that was very important to me. ”

In his words, we see how much the show touches him … At the same time, we understand, it’s his baby!

Either way, he won’t go back on his decision! So, in a few days you will discover the end of Vikings on Netflix and Amazon!


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