Vikings season 6: why Steven Berkoff left the series?


Why did actor Steven Berkoff leave the Vikings series? Back to the fate of Olaf II of Norway. Why did actor Steven Berkoff leave the Vikings series?

Fans of the famous series by Michael Hirst had the pleasure of discovering the 6th and final season of their favorite show. Indeed, this final season is available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

Netflix subscribers will have to wait a little longer to discover the latest episodes of the historic series. Indeed, Vikings season 6 should be available on the platform in March 2021.

But this date is not official. Indeed, we are just based on the broadcast schedule of season 5. So it is also possible that the series will not be available before this summer in France.

Over the 6 seasons and 89 episodes of the famous series, fans have discovered a large number of characters as fascinating as each other. Some marked the series from start to finish.

We think of Lagertha, who we discover from the first episodes of the first season. The latter will not leave the series until its end. Ragnar, on the other hand, was Michael Hirst’s hero for a long time before he decided to kill him in episode 15 of season 4.

Other characters, however, were only passing through Vikings. This is the case with Olaf II of Norway. Why did its actor Steven Berkoff leave the series? We reveal everything to you!


It wasn’t until Season 5 of the Vikings series that actor Steven Berkoff made a period screen appearance. He joined the cast in 2019 for the role of Olaf II of Norway.

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His character is known to have tried to make an alliance with Ivar the Boneless. Yet in season 5, the warrior is one of the commanders of Kattegat.

He will indeed fight alongside Bjorn, played by Alexander Ludwig. After Ivar’s defeat, Olaf announces that Bjorn is now King of Kattegat.

But his alliance with Bjorn surely brought him to an end. In season 6 of Vikings, Kattegat is overrun by Ivar and Prince Oleg. The latter then takes Olaf hostage.

During his captivity, he was ready to turn his jacket over and serve Oleg and Ivar. In the 11th episode of the final season, Olaf will die.

Fans wonder why the actor left the show before it ended. In reality, there are no real reasons behind his departure.

Indeed, it would only relate to the storyline of the series. So her character’s story was just coming to an end. Still, actor Steven Bernoff might have had other plans to coincide with filming for the end of the series.

In any case his character has forever marked the fans of the show. “The strongest”, “He was 100% until the end” or even “Steven Berkoff was brilliant in his last episode” can be read on social networks.


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