Vikings season 6: why should Gunnhild die in the series?


That’s it, Vikings delivered his verdict … And Gunnhild must have died. But the death of Bjorn’s wife was becoming inevitable according to the creator.

So Vikings fans cry for Gunnhild! As they watched their heroes gradually leave the series during Season 6, it all ended tragically: The Queen dies. But with her, the series goes …

And so the world recreated by Michael Hirst ends there. But the creator of the series seems rather proud of this ending. Because after six seasons, we had to find an end to wars, conspiracies …

The creator therefore explains to the Daily Express. Because for him, the death of Gunnhild goes in the logic of things … And this event puts an end to Vikings without spoiling the whole story.

The queen has indeed just seen her husband, Bjorn, in the tomb. For Michael Hirst, “when she goes to this grave, she realizes that the golden age is ending there.” We must therefore turn the page …

There is only one solution for Gunnhild: to leave his mark in this “Golden Age of the Vikings”. For the creator, his death thus becomes inevitable. “Thus, she will be remembered as a figure in this golden age.”


Gunnhild must therefore die. To keep his legend, but also his honor. Michael Hirst thus tries to give the personality traits of the queen, which explain the logic of his gesture.

“She remains a clairvoyant woman, with a very strong sense of morality, details the creator of Vikings. So Gunnhild knows who she is … But most of all, who she’s not about to become.

A very important aspect of her personality: “she doesn’t like compromising her morals”. In character psychology, therefore, she “can’t marry someone she doesn’t like, or has never liked.

Gunnhild therefore chooses the most logical path to remain dignified, and to keep her name with that of her husband: death. So that’s the explanation for the sad end of Vikings … Sad, but consistent!


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