Vikings Season 6: Why did Michael Hirst want to end?


Why the creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst decided to end the historical series? We’ll give you more details. Why did Michael Hirst decide to end the Vikings series?

After 6 explosive seasons, the historic Vikings series is coming to an end. Indeed, after a long wait, fans of the series were able to discover the last episodes of season 6.

These have in fact been available since the end of last December. A happiness for the fans who were able to discover the rest of their favorite show.

But a little spoiled happiness when we know that the end of season 6 also announces the end of the series! Indeed, the sons of Ragnar leave the battlefield for good.

Luckily for fans, this ending heralds the start of a new adventure. Eh yes ! Internet users will be able to discover the new spin-off of the series.

Indeed the saga is not really over! In fact, we are starting to have more information about the new show.

It will take place 100 years later, in a town of Kattegat which has changed a lot! It is indeed becoming a very important port in Europe. Vikings Valhala promises to be as interesting as its predecessor.

It will still be necessary to wait a little longer before discovering the first images. But the series should be released in 2021!

In the meantime, we wonder why Michael Hirst decided to end our favorite show. We’ll give you the answer right away!


The creator of the Vikings series therefore explained why he decided to stop the historic series. He did indeed confide in Collider.

“I was the one who decided this was going to end. “He explains first. “I knew it would end with the discovery of America, that’s how it was planned from the start. »He adds finally.

Now that’s a bit clearer! Thus, the History channel which was broadcasting the series had no say in this story! And somewhere, we say to ourselves that is good.

Michael Hirst explains that you had to finish all the plots satisfactorily. “I didn’t want to deceive anyone, neither the actors, nor the characters, nor the audience,” he admits.

The creator of Vikings goes further and says it was difficult for him to end the show. “It was hard to finish killing some of my favorites. »He explains.

He adds that it was a real emotional test writing the last 10 episodes. In any case, we are sure that it was also difficult for the fans to find out.

You should know that Michael Hirst wrote the whole series on his own! Indeed, he did not surround himself with other writers. It must be said that this is a real accomplishment! And that makes the series even more cohesive.


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