Vikings Season 6: What happened to Rollo?


What happened to the character of Rollo in the second part of season 6 of Vikings? We reveal everything to you!

What happened to Rollo at the end of the Vikings series?

At the end of 2020, fans of the famous historical series were able to discover the latest episodes of their favorite show. Indeed, Vikings is coming to an end.

Now is the time to take stock. In fact, the end of the series is like all of its previous seasons, strong in emotions!

But as Vikings fans say goodbye to their favorite series, some wonder about the fate of certain characters. Like Rollo, for example!

Indeed, since his departure for France, we do not really know what happened to him! Series creator Michael Hirst then gave an interview to to enlighten us.


During these 7 years of broadcasting, Rollo was one of the favorite characters of Vikings fans. The handsome brunette is the brother of Ragnar Lothbrok.

And you should know that the two brothers were even rivals. In fact, they even fought against each other because of their different opinions on certain topics.

When the Vikings attacked Paris, Rollo made an alliance with Emperor Charles II. He will marry his daughter Gisla. The latter was also totally against this idea!

Rollo for his part made all possible efforts to make his marriage last, he even learned French to be able to communicate with his wife. In season 4, he finds himself torn between his Viking family and his French wife.

We will see him for the last time when he joins Bjorn in his conquest of French territory. He will then return to his wife.

Michael Hirst explains that Rollo’s story was thus ended. ” He left. He became King of Normandy, there was nothing more to tell. »He explains.

He will add all the same that the character of Rollo will be present in the spin-offs to come. Case to be continued.


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