Vikings season 6: SPOILER reacts to the death of his character!


For several weeks, the History channel has been broadcasting season 6 of Vikings. Fans have witnessed the tragic death of a flagship character!

Vikings season 6 has arrived on the small screen for several weeks. Fans are not recovering from the death of a flagship character in the series. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

Vikings fans have been following the adventures of Lagertha, Bjorn and the other characters for over six years. For several weeks, the History channel has been broadcasting the new episodes and this season is full of action. Over the years, Lagertha has made many enemies, but she remains the fan favorite. So, everyone hoped that Bjorn’s mother would survive.

However, recently, fans of the Vikings could see a new episode of season 6. This episode shocked everyone since Lagertha is dead. Fans knew deep down that the former Queen of Kattegat was to die. Indeed, the soothsayer had predicted his death for several seasons. However, Katheryn Winnick, the actress of Lagertha had some demands on the death of her character.

Fans of Vikings were very attached to Lagertha and she represented many things in the series. Indeed, Lagertha has always shown herself to be a strong, independent woman and a true warrior. Thus, it has become a symbol over the years in the series. As a result, Katheryn Winnick wanted her character to leave the series with class and to make it memorable. “I told Michael Hirst that I would be happy to say goodbye to Lagertha, as long as he gave me a truly epic death, something people won’t forget,” she said in EW. .

Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings seems to have kept his word in season 6. Indeed, the interpreter of Lagertha is happy with the end of his character. ” That’s what he did. ” did she say. In addition, Katheryn Winnick ends her adventure in the series very well. Indeed, she had the chance to direct an episode of this season.


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