Vikings season 6: recap of the first part before the sequel!


The first part of Vikings is out. Season 6 of Vikings will be the last. The news was made official by the producers of the event series, on social media.

A blow for the viewers who follow the adventures of Bjorn and Ivar from the beginning. “I must have given these different scenarios a satisfactory conclusion. A conclusion that did not cheat in any way. And so I felt that if I could find satisfying and justified endings, the audience would feel the same, ”said Michael Hirst.

The first part of Season 6 is streaming right now on Amazon Prime. And the least we can say is that it’s loaded with rebound.

Bjorn hatches a plan to surprise his opponent, Olaf, and his troops. Unfortunately for him, the king had anticipated the actions of his enemy.

The latter, very clever, made the wise decision to add oil to the water, in order to create a fire which ravaged some of the combatants. Bjorn is therefore retired.


At the same time, Hvitserk satisfies his desire for revenge. He sees his brother Ivar, and experiences horror visions in which he sees his girlfriend Rhora burned down and his mother die in the process.

Ubbe will then appoint Hvitserk to lead a trade expedition along the Silk Road. Still alcoholic, the latter therefore fails to cause an accident at sea.

Hvitserk doesn’t know what to do, and he promises to kill Ivar. Lagertha therefore forms an army of villagers, so that they can defend themselves.

Indeed, White Hair threatens to attack the inhabitants, and many villagers die without having had time to defend themselves. A heartbreaking scene to watch …

Among the victims of this attack, Bjorn’s son, Hali. Gunnhild who therefore had a vision of the scene and he decides to go to Lagertha with young shields. In a grueling battle, Lagertha kills White Hair.