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Vikings season 6: Ragnar still alive? An actor responds to the rumor!


Vikings season 6 has started, and it could reveal many surprises. Indeed, one of the craziest theories announces the return of the mythical Ragnar. Bjorn’s interpreter Alexander Ludwig talks about this rumor.

All fans of the series remember season 4. Indeed, it was in this that the main character, Ragnar died. An episode that marked the spirits, so much that a part of the public did not recover. The writers dared to kill one of the central characters in the series, as did those of Game of Thrones with Robb Stark.

Obviously, Ragnar’s death is often at the heart of the wildest rumors. The latest one? Bjorn’s father would be back in Vikings season 6! The theory is a little smoky, because it assumes that Ragnar has waited all this time to get revenge … But yet this rumor is quite popular with fans. So, will Ragnar reappear in Vikings season 6? Alexander Ludwig gives his opinion!


Like most fans of the series, the actor who plays Bjorn hopes for a return of Travis Fimmel in Vikings season 6. “I really, really hope that his character will come back, in one way or another” has he thus entrusted for TVGuide. But Alexander Ludwig does not really believe in a resurrection. According to him, the character could thus return in the form of flashbacks. Indeed, Ragnar’s death is a turning point in the series that built the other characters as they are today.

“He is always present, they always talk about him. Especially for Bjorn. All he does is make his father proud. One of the things we worked on with Travis is how Bjorn reproduces a certain mannerism of his father, so you say “like father, like son”. (…) And I think that through all the other characters, we tried to show that. So, in a way, he never left. ” did he declare. Thus, the return to life of Ragnar in Vikings season 6 seems unlikely, because it would spoil the turn taken by the other characters. But do you ever know what the writers have concocted for us…



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