Vikings season 6, part 2: how was the end of the series

Finally, the last 10 episodes of season 6 of Vikings are available on Netflix. After 5 great years, fans looked forward to the story unfolding and the epic ending for Bjorn, Ivar and King Oleg.

Was the wait worth it? Check out the review.

Review of season 6 of Vikings, part 2

That Bjorn could die with a stab was unthinkable for fans of the series, after all he fought bravely in several battles and was always considered a demigod. Fortunately, his ending was much more glorious than the mid-season cliffhanger. Contrary to Lagertha’s disappointing end, he falls fighting and proving that, like his father, he would never escape a battle.

Bjorn dies after being hit by several arrows, keeping his sword raised in the air. This was one of the most exciting scenes from part 2, in a worthy ending for one of the most courageous Vikings.

Ivar’s death also came at an unexpected time in the last episode. We have always known that his relationship with King Oleg was doubtful and that one would betray the other at some point, but, contrary to expectations, death was not caused by Oleg: he is stabbed in combat in England in the final battle of the series.

Also highlighted by the closure of Vikings is Hvitserk’s decision to stay in England and become a Christian after Ivar’s death. It is almost like a release for the character, who was always in the shadow of his brother and surrounded by tragedies and addictions.

Ubbe, like Bjorn, lives up to his father’s steps. After so much searching for a promised land, he discovers that the territory has already been explored by fan-favorite character Floki who has returned for the final episodes. In the end, the two reflect on their stories in a beautiful scene.

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Finally, the battle for Kattegat’s throne continues with Harald usurping the position. He marries Ironside’s widow, but soon discovers that she is a witch. She ends up as Queen of Kattegat while he dies at the Battle of England.



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