Vikings season 6: Ivar’s journey unveiled in the first minutes!


Vikings season 6: Ivar’s journey unveiled in the first minutes! Vikings season 6 arrives on December 4th. To salivate a little, we can discover the opening scene with the journey of Ivar!

Vikings season 6 looks at the height of previous seasons. This is in any case what lets us think about the opening scene that has just been unveiled. We can see Ivar’s journey around the world.

The final of the fifth season of Vikings left us speechless. Bjorn took the place of his brother Ivar, dethroned after having ruled for several months. This suggests a war between the two sons of Ragnar. Knowing the characters, we can already imagine the damage this battle should do. Vikings season 6 is therefore eagerly awaited by fans of the series.

Especially since a continuation of the series has been announced. This will be a spin-off entitled “Vahalla”! It will even be broadcast on Netflix. But one thing at a time. We have plenty of questions for this latest game of Vikings to come. Which of the 2 brothers will win? Who will die? Had the Seer been right? Many questions that make us drool while waiting for the first episode!

Until December 4, the opening scene has just been unveiled … In these first images, we discover Ivar, who fled Kattegat to exile in Russia. He walks in the footsteps of his father by going to meet new cultures. He travels the territories with great curiosity. A trip that will be a priori fraught with pitfalls. But this journey surely prepares his return on his lands.

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine Ivar giving up power to his brother in Vikings season 6. He’s going to want to avenge his mother and challenge Bjorn to the land of their fathers. We see him, moreover, approaching Prince Oleg of Novgorod. A pact to regain power? While waiting for the few remaining days, discover the first images of Vikings season 6!

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