Vikings season 6: Ivar teases huge episodes for the sequel!


Soon, Vikings fans will be able to see the rest of season 6. Alex Høgh Andersen the interpreter of Ivar promises a huge ending.

Vikings fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Season 6. Alex Høgh Andersen has played Ivar for several years and the actor says the final episodes will be awesome. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few months ago, Vikings fans got to see the first part of Season 6. The new season is full of action and fans had to contend with the death of a star character.

In the first few episodes, Lagertha was killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. So the prophecy came true and fans were all heartbroken at the loss of this character. However, they were also very concerned about Bjorn.

Season 6 will mark the end of Vikings and tensions rise between the brothers of Ragnar. Ivar declared war on Bjorn and the two brothers clashed on a beach. Nonetheless, in the mid season finale, Ivar stabbed Bjorn and everyone thought he was dead.

The rest of the new season will be coming very soon. So fans will be able to see the end of the series and everything suggests that they are going to have exceptional episodes.


Bjorn is not dead according to the trailer for the Vikings Season 6 sequel. Thus, the man will have to recover from his injury and will have to face Ivar, but also other enemies. For his part, Ivar risks making some mistakes by betraying one of his enemies.

Alex Høgh Andersen who plays Ivar can’t wait for fans to cover up the final episodes of the series. Besides, he hopes the audience won’t be disappointed and for him, the next episodes will live up to it. Not to mention that they should offer a nice conclusion.

“It was the most epic season we have done. It’s the biggest on the budget and we shot the biggest battle we’ve seen on the show. We spent nine days filming the last battle and it was crazy, “he said.

So the fans are going to have a great battle and are already looking forward to see what it comes down to. In any case, the actor assures that the season will blow the public eye. “Fans can expect Vikings to be Vikings with a capital V,” he concludes.


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