Vikings season 6: how does the end of the series end?


Vikings is coming to an end with season 6 following the release of the last episodes on CANAL +. But what happens at the end of the series?

Sad news for Vikings fans! Season 6 is already coming to an end! But how does the last episode end?

Sad news for Vikings fans! The series is over! And creator Michael Hirst made that decision. So he said, “I told them when it was going to end. I knew the end would be the discovery of America and this new Earth. This is what I always expected. ”

“So I have to say realistically that having passed every day. And sometimes part of the night, for 7 years, to write, to reflect and to live this series I had to conclude it. ”

” It was time. I needed to end the saga. But more importantly, I needed to put an end to these latter scenarios in a way that satisfied me and the audience. So I didn’t want to cheat on anyone. ”

He then continues: “I didn’t want to deceive the actors, the characters or the audience. The big challenge in a series is to wrap up all the different storylines by doing them justice, in a satisfying way. ”

So the Vikings screenwriter had a lot of iconic characters killed: “Which made me kill some of the characters I loved the most. So it was a very, very moving experience to write these last 10 episodes. ”


But how will the final season of Vikings end? Watch out for spoils, because we are revealing the end to you! Note that in the second part of the sixth season, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is in critical condition due to the great battle against the Rus “.

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But Bjorn will manage to draw on his last strength before dying as a hero. His body will therefore be locked in a temple. Afterward, Ivar will turn on Oleg and manage to escape with Hvitserk, Katya (Alicia Agneson), Oleg’s wife, and Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan).

Finally, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) will leave Kattegat with his wife Torvi (Georgia Hirst) to explore new places as Ragnar wished. He will discover a new land on which he will live with Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).


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