Vikings season 6: Did Ingrid really kill Gunnhild’s child?


Vikings season 6 has plenty of surprises in store. Ingrid was then revealed to be a witch. But did she kill the Gunnhild child?

Season 6 of Vikings amazed all fans of the series. In fact, they discovered that Ingrid was a witch. But did she really kill the Gunnhild child?

Since the start of Vinkings, Amazon Prime subscribers have quickly become addicted to it. Indeed, history fascinates adventure fans.

And with season 6, the writers have put the small dishes in the big ones. It must be said that for this final part, viewers wanted even more. Not surprising !

Thus, season 6 of Vikings was a great success. Between very realistic sets, violence and love, the fans were in heaven.

In fact, this final season of Vikings attracted a lot of attention for its violent scenes. And if there is one scene that has stood out for its violence, it is the rape of Ingrid.

Indeed, the young woman was raped by Harald. What shock the viewers then. So it’s not easy to watch such a scene.

But Ingrid surprised all Vikings fans. She then revealed herself to be a witch. What to surprise the greatest number then.

And for good reason, the young woman then goes from a simple resident of Kattegat to a great and strong witch.

Thus, this revelation provoked many questions. Some people wonder if Ingrid was behind the death of the infant Gunnhild.


Ingrid is talked about a lot in season 6 of Vikings. She then became Bjorn’s second wife.

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At first very shy and helpless, she later trained to fight in the battle against the Russian army. But after her husband’s death, she then entered the race to lead Kattegat.

So when Bjorn’s first wife lost her baby, Vikings fans wondered if the young woman was not involved in this disappearance.

And for good reason, Gunnhild was also in the running for the coveted place. The fans therefore imagine a link between all this. Additionally, Ingrid’s powers have never been explained. So that leaves room for the imagination.

A Vikings fan then said, “Did Ingrid use magic to kill Gunnhild’s baby so that only she would have an heir to the throne? “His thinking then gave birth to many hypotheses on the Web.

This theory really seems possible. And yet, Vikings fans have another solution. Gunnhild’s baby would then have died as a result of Gunnhild’s fighting.

The debate therefore seems to be launched on the Web. In fact, Internet users are going even further. Ingrid would then have persuaded Bjorn to love her by using magic.

Thus, other theories about Ingrid’s powers should soon appear on the Web. To be continued.


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