Vikings Season 4 Episode 15 Selected Best Episode!


Fans of “Vikings” voted the best episode of all seasons. And it is of course episode 15 of season 4 that wins!

Several thousand fans voted to rate each episode of the Vikings series, broadcast on History.

Thanks to these votes, we can now know which episode has won over audiences the most. With an excellent 9.6 / 10 and without too many surprises, it was “All His Angels”, episode 15 of season 4, that surpassed all the others.

Indeed, it is in this episode that Ragnar dies and that Travis Fimmel leaves the series. And the least that can be said is that “All His Angels” clearly marked Viking fans. So, even 2 seasons later, they still haven’t recovered.

So that’s a well-deserved high mark for this Season 4 episode 15. This first spot which emphasizes that a series can kill its main character while paying him a magnificent tribute.

Now, the historic series of Michael Hirst (Vikings) is coming to an end. But the latter is not done with the universe of Nordic warriors.

Indeed, he is even preparing a spin-off for us. Entitled Vikings Valhalla, the show will be available this time on the Netflix streaming platform!

It thus adds to the list of medieval series already available on the platform. We think of the very popular series The Witcher or Ragnarok.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 15 Voted Best Episode by Fans!


More than a year after the official announcement of the Vikings spin-off, fans are getting restless. Indeed, the series seems eagerly awaited!

But do not panic, the shooting of the spin-off seems finally completed. The series is slated to be on Netflix by the end of 2021.

It will therefore be a question of following the adventures of our favorite warriors 100 years after the original series. Thus, the plot will take place in the 11th century. We will be able to see what has become of the lands conquered by Ragnar Lothbrok and his troops.

Just like the original series, the Vikings Valhalla spin-off will introduce us to historical figures who actually existed. We will therefore find Leif Erikson or Frerydis Eriksdotter. To name a few, of course!

In fact, we already know more about the cast of the series. We find the actor Sam Corlett known for having played in The New Adventures of Sabrina.

Frida Gustavsson also joined the shoot. Just like Leo Suter and Johannes Johanneson. Bradley Freegard will also star in the Michael Hirst spin-off. As well as Laura Berlin and David Oakes.

The director also clarified that we may see a few familiar faces. Well…


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