Vikings: Ragnar’s true connection to the historical drama Vikings: Valhalla


Vikings is the historical drama created by Michael Hirst for the History Channel, inspired by the Norse sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok. The hit series stayed on fan screens for six seasons and came to an end in December 2020 via the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

The Viking drama was noted for its fascinating plot that portrays a mixture of fiction and historical reality, starring the warrior scout Ragnar Lodbrok, who was played by Travis Fimmel until the fourth season when he was assassinated. His legacy was continued by his sons, who took it upon themselves to fight great battles in his name and the culture they imposed as they expanded their territories by dint of sweat, blood, victories and failures.

The Vikings series earned critical acclaim in its six seasons and fell squarely in the hearts of fans. So much so, that before the series came to an end, Michael Hirst was developing the sequel called Vikings: Valhalla, set a century after the events of the original series, and whose new events will take place in the same city of Kattegatt, the largest commercial port in Europe at the moment.

So far, Vikings: Valhalla has received a production order for 24 episodes divided into three seasons. The first installment of the series is scheduled to premiere on the Netflix streaming platform on February 25, 2022, and it is promised that it will have a connection with some main Vikings characters, including Ragnar Lodbrok and Lagertha (who was played by Katheryn Winnick). .

It should be noted that these Viking characters will not be physically present in the Vikings: Valhalla series, but they will be part of Viking mythology and culture 100 years later, and therefore will be remembered and worshiped in the great hall of Kattegat while the new men continue his legacy at a time when Christianity and paganism are still the subject of great confrontations.

The truth is that in Vikings: Valhalla, a large part of the warriors will be inspired by Ragnar Lodbrok, and it is that force that drives them to remain as explorers and military strategists. While Travis Fimmel’s character gains references in the spinoff series, he could appear through flashbacks amid visions. This said a source close to the new Netflix series:

“The characters of Valhalla will carry the legacy of all the Norse warriors who preceded them and will fight to defend their honor and history. Therefore, the series must acknowledge Ragnar’s actions and his impact in some way and at some point. “