Vikings: Lagertha’s death has always been planned?


Was Lagertha’s death always foreseen? Actress Katheryn Winnick has made statements about her character. Was Lagertha’s death in the Vikings series premeditated from the start? At least, that’s what the Vikings actress says. We explain to you.

In season 6 of the hit series, the character of Lagertha dies. A tragic episode, which upset Internet users. They commented on the disappearance en masse on Twitter.

Bjorn’s mom was one of the more complex characters on the show. And she will have fought until the last moment before succumbing in a final fight.

Indeed, it is during a battle with Hvitsertk in Vikings, that the young woman will die. She will be stabbed by the latter. She will therefore be stranded at the bottom of the ocean.

In an interview with NME, Katheryn Winnick said she knew her character was going to die. And this from the start.

The young woman explained to the American media that she had heard about the departure of her character in the series. “This was the original plan. I knew it. Everyone knew it. », She revealed.

In an old interview, the young woman said she fought for the role in Vikings. “I received the script from my agents. And they told me the director was overseas. He was in the UK. So he didn’t take any meetings. So I had to record my casting in my living room. All alone. “She remembered.

Vikings season 6 the death of Lagertha has always been planned


She said, “I was not sad when I heard that I was going to quit the show. I knew it “And that’s not all.

So the Canadian actress said, “I was thinking, when am I going to leave? I thought I would leave long before. In season 4. But ultimately, no. They kept me. »Stormy confidences …

The actress was convinced that she would not make it until season 6. Her character in Vikings was highly regarded by viewers and writers, and they decided to keep her.

“They convinced me to stay. And so I even had the chance to direct several episodes. With that experience over, I said goodbye to the show. It was hard. But it is so. », She confided.

So the Vikings actress will never forget the day she cast for Vikings. “I have to admit that I was really, really nervous. Because of my accent. Because I had never had to do with a Scandinavian accent before. It was new. “She recalled.

On social networks, Lagertha fans have therefore commented on the death of the young woman. Emblematic character of Vikings since the first season, the young woman will therefore have marked the spirits. And that’s good.

Since leaving the Vikings series, Lagertha has therefore been offered a beautiful role on television. Indeed, Katheryn Winnick stars in the Big Sky series. It is therefore broadcast on Disney +.

For those who would like to see the last season of Vikings again, you can watch it again on Amazon Prime Video. Indeed, the six seasons are available on the platform. Do not wait.


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