Vikings: Lagertha’s death could have been different!


Lagertha’s death in Viking Season 6 could have been a lot more different! We give you more details.

Lagertha’s death in Vikings could have looked like something else.

Lagertha is one of the first characters to be discovered in the historical series. Indeed, the young woman makes an appearance from the very first episodes.

The pretty blonde is also the wife of the hero of the series, Ragnar. But also the mother of his son, Bjorn.

Besides being an exemplary wife and mother, Lagertha is above all an outstanding warrior! Portrayed by Katheryn Winnick, her character quickly became an important figure in the Vikings plot.

Her husband also forbids her to go on an expedition with him and his troops. Offended by this refusal, she will cross swords with Ragnar before Bjorn comes to separate them.

But Lagertha is the only person Ragnar trusts. So she had to stay to watch over their land.

Quickly, the young woman will emancipate herself from her husband who has other conquests. The warrior will do everything to protect her people and Kattegat against the various attacks.

Lagertha then becomes Jarl, then queen of Kattegat. A warrior at heart, she is always in the front row in battles. Whether it’s to protect his interests, those of Ragnar or his son Bjorn.

The pretty blonde from Vikings gives her life in her fights. Until losing it in season 6 of Michael Hirst’s series. Back to his death, which could have been much more different.


The 6th and final season of the Vikings series was marked by the deaths of several characters. Among them, Lagertha.

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Recently, actress Katheryn Winnick opened up about the death of her character in the series. She first explains that she didn’t think Lagertha was going to survive that long on the show.

Or even that she would survive after Ragnar’s death! The latter was killed during season 4 of Vikings.

The actress also confesses that Lagertha’s death could have been much more different. “I thought Lagertha was going to die in Season 4, when the show was more focused on Ragnar’s sons,” she explains.

Michael Hirst then manages to convince her to stay. He offers to direct an episode of the series.

“I really wanted to, but I didn’t want to be in the episode I was directing, so at one point we had to say goodbye. ┬╗Adds the beautiful actress. The prophecy says that Lagertha was killed by one of Ragnar’s sons.

So once they were adults, Katheryn Winnick thought her time had come. Luckily for her fans, she will carry on the series until the end.

It wasn’t until Vikings Season 6 that she died, killed by delusional Hvitserk! She will therefore have had the right to end the series in style.


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