Vikings: Lagertha and Ecbert communication shocks!


On the Reddit platform, several fans confided that they were shocked by the sudden communication between Lagertha (Vikings) and Ecbert!

While Vikings was a hit with fans, they still had a big question. The latter concerns communication between Lagertha and Ecbert. Some are completely incomprehensible.

Throughout Vikings, fans were able to find dead languages ​​like Old Norse, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon. This unfortunately put some barrier between the characters in the series.

This is particularly the case with Lagertha and Ecbert (Vikings), the Saxon king and his lover. During the 3rd season, the pretty blonde stays by his side. To understand this, the former Christian monk Athelstan served as a mediator and translator.

As the episodes progressed, Lagherta and Ecbert found it easier to talk to each other. And that did not fail to shock the fans. Suddenly the two no longer needed the translator much to everyone’s surprise.

On the Reddit site, several have also expressed their incomprehension. One fan said, “How are Lagertha and King Ecbert (Vikings) suddenly able to communicate in Episode 4 of Season 3”.

He also added, “So they always needed Athelstan to translate before? “. It was in the Roman baths that Ecbert was able to speak with Lagertha without any problem.


Athelstan was shocked to see Lagertha (Vikings) and Ecbert having sex. He quickly realized that the two lovebirds no longer needed his services as a translator.

Some Vikings fans assume that the two managed to learn their respective languages. One fan revealed on Reddit, “Remember a lot of time goes by during these episodes.”

Another revealed, “Ecbert even mentioned that when he greeted her. They also communicated before that. Like when they had sex. That was all before Athenstan’s death. ”

Despite these explanations, some still remain skeptical about this sudden development. A Vikings fan asked, “Did she take a crash course in Saxon while waiting?”

The fans will never get their answer. Except if the showrunner speaks about this little detail. While the evolution of communication between Lagertha and Ecbert has shocked more than one, others are delighted with their romance.

And the least we can say is that she really surprised more than one. Vikings have had their fair share of romantic relationships. Throughout the seasons, there have been twists and turns in the character’s idylls.

Some fans also seem pretty sad that Vikings ended recently!


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