Vikings: Lagertha among serial heroes!


Fans of Vikings were able to discover season 6 not long ago. Lagertha forever marked the history of the series.

Vikings fans got to see Season 6 not long ago. The public had to say goodbye to the characters and Lagertha left a lasting mark on the series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Lagertha has won the hearts of fans. A few months ago, fans got to see the sequel to Vikings Season 6. This new season put an end to the story of the sons of Ragnar and some have met a tragic fate. Besides seeing the battle of Ivar and Bjorn, fans had to contend with Lagertha’s death.

For a long time, fans hoped that Lagertha would escape her fate. Present since the debut of the series, she has never ceased to impress audiences. First, the fans loved following her romance with Ragnar. The two characters have always been a good duo and there was a lot of chemistry between them.

So audiences have always wanted Lagertha to one day get back together with Ragnar in Vikings. Yet in the show she always had a modern image of women. First, she didn’t hesitate to divorce her after realizing that Ragnar had had an affair with Aslaug.

Lagertha emancipated herself, but was also always seen as a strong woman. Besides being a mother, Lagertha was a superb fighter and showed what she is capable of on several occasions. Fans notably got to see her fight alongside Ragnar.

Vikings: Lagertha among the most charismatic serial heroines!


Lagertha has therefore always been seen as a badass woman in Vikings. She has established herself in the series to the point of becoming Queen of Kattegat. The warrior never gave in and showed everyone her leadership skills. It must be said that Bjorn’s mother has always had a strong character.

Ragnar suffered the wrath of Lagertha several times in the series. She was therefore able to impose herself and appeared as a free woman in the show. Not to mention that she was very beautiful and made many characters’ heads turn. The fans therefore all regret his sad fate in the show.

Lagertha was destined to die in Vikings since the seer had told her many years ago that she was going to be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. While at her worst in Season 6, Lagertha perished. A scene that greatly saddened the fans even if the character of Katheryn Winnick was entitled to a beautiful funeral.

Katheryn Winnick can therefore be very proud of her role in the series. The actress gave her all and trained a lot to make Lagertha a badass. “I really tried to do whatever I could to get this part,” said the actress.


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