Vikings: Katheryn Winnick says Lagertha be different

Vikings ended their last season with a lot of sadness and death. Katheryn Winnick, who played Lagertha, recently spoke about the death of her character in the series.

In an interview with NME, Winnik, who has been on the show for all six seasons, said that Lagertha’s death was supposed to have happened much earlier than it actually did in the plot.

The actress thought the role would be discarded in the fourth year of production, when the show became more centered on Ragnar’s son. However, the producers asked her to stay on the series, offering, even, for the girl to take the direction of one of the episodes.

Regarding the offer, Katheyrn said that she really wanted to direct and that she didn’t want to be in the episode she was going to direct. That way, it was time to say goodbye. Winnick said the plan was always to get out of the series.

Lagherta’s death caused fury among Vikings fans

Last season, when Lagertha actually died, Vikings fans were extremely angry. It is thought, then, that the reaction would be much worse if the character had been eliminated in the fourth season.

Ragnar, who faced death in this period of the series, would have been added to the character of Winnick as reasons for fans not to continue following the series. Therefore, the decision ended up being correct.

Although production has come to an end after six seasons, the Vikings universe has yet to be seen for the last time. A sequel called Vikings: Valhalla was commissioned by Netflix and is in development.

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The history of the spin-off will take place in the 11th century and follow the adventures of some of the most famous Vikings that have ever existed.

All of the full Vikings seasons can still be seen on Netflix.



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