Vikings: Katheryn Winnick is very close to Lagertha!


Katheryn Winnick has made statements about Lagertha, the character she plays in the Vikings series, which ended.

Katheryn Winnick has opened up about the character of Lagertha she played in the hit series Vikings.

The Vikings series ended in December on the Amazon Prime Video platform. On this occasion, the actors therefore granted an interview to the Collider newspaper.

The Canadian actress, who got a role in the ABC series Big Sky, has fond memories of her experience in Vikings. It must be said that the character she played was very interesting.

The young woman who played Lagertha thus explained. “It was amazing to play in Vikings. Michael Hirst is an incredible writer, I’m proud of him, ”she said. And that’s not all.

Katheryn Winnick said she was able to give ideas to the creator of the series, over the seasons. “He’s amazing and most of all, he listens to our every whim,” the Vikings actress added to Collider.

“As an actor, we have the luxury of creating our character with the writers. And the directors. And also to bring a little of our experience to our role, “she continued. Would the young woman be nostalgic for the end of Vikings?


The Canadian actress has opened up to her role in Vikings. She therefore added that she had a special connection with the character of Lagertha, whom she played for several seasons.

She said that the director of the series therefore drew on the actress’s life to make her acting much more real on screen. “Every time I read the script, I called Michael Hirst. And we were going to dinner. We were discussing the script, “she recalled.

She added, “We were debating the episode. And I told him my life. What was going on right now. I was talking to her about what I wanted to see in the next episode, ”she said.

And to conclude: “As soon as I spoke to him, he took notes. And I found a little of my experience in the following episodes. It was systematic “. The young woman has therefore experienced a real rise since her role in the show broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

Collider media reports that Katheryn Winnick is therefore one of the favorite actresses of the Vikings series. It must be said that her acting is surprising.

The pretty blonde who flies the screen in the Big Sky series, would therefore be in the running for an Emmy. Author Stephen King is full of praise for the ABC show.

“I think Big Sky ABC is the best network television drama. With the last three episodes, it’s tiptoeing in Emmy territory. ” Just that !